The lure of Danger

Updated: February 17, 2016
Geleong - Patrick Dangerfield
Geleong - Patrick Dangerfield

Patrick Dangerfield hasn’t taken long to win over his new teammates at Geelong. Picture: AL PACKER

WITH their lockers so close together, it’s no surprise Geelong youngster George Horlin-Smith has found himself gravitating to Patrick Dangerfield.

And he says the former Adelaide star is more than willing to share his extensive football knowledge.

“Right from the word go, he’s come into the football club and wanted to offer his thoughts on the game, which has been really interesting for us because we’re seeing a different perspective.

“Someone who has been under different coaches for 8-9 years, so for us, it’s given us a different perspective on how Geelong’s seen and how he would play against Geelong, and it’s given us ideas moving forward.

“As a player, he’s obviously supremely talented, very explosive.

“But, all his physical attributes aside, he’s a hard worker, and he drags people along with him because he is a hard work and he endeavours to get the best out of himself.

“He’s been great for us and we’re just looking forward to seeing him play.”


But, if media speculation had of proven on the mark, Horlin-Smith may have missed the chance to play with the superstar.

An Adelaide native, he wasn’t surprised that he was linked to a deal to get Dangerfield to Geelong.

“That’s part of the industry. People are going to look for obvious choices, and being a South Australian, it was natural my name was going to get offered up,” Horlin-Smith said.

“It’s just the way it is. It’s out of your control.”

However, with a three-year deal signed earlier in 2015, the 23-year-old didn’t given a second thought to the potential of him being part of one of the biggest trades in Geelong’s history.

“I was really comfortable with the football club,” Horlin-Smith said.

“They were really open and honest with me for a long period of time.

“Fortunately, I signed a contract early on.

“But with the Dangerfield trade, it was obviously really complicated and I wasn’t privy to the conversations, nor did I feel the need to approach the football club to ask them whether I’d be offered up.

“I was very trusting of the powers that be and they’ve been very good to me ever since.”

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