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Updated: January 25, 2016
Travis Boak (right) and Patrick Dangerfield speak with youngsters at North Shore on Sunday. Picture: AL PACKER
Travis Boak (right) and Patrick Dangerfield speak with youngsters at North Shore on Sunday. Picture: AL PACKER

Travis Boak (right) and Patrick Dangerfield speak with youngsters at North Shore on Sunday. Picture: AL PACKER

IF any person in the footballing world had a decent grip on how Patrick Dangerfield was feeling, as he grappled with the decision to remain in Adelaide or return to Moggs Creek and continue his career with Geelong, it was fellow Surf Coast product Travis Boak.

The Port Adelaide captain arrived at a similar crossroad in his career in 2012 when the Cats made a highly-publicised bid for the Torquay junior.

So when speculation about Dangerfield’s future in the City of Churches continued to mount in 2015, Boak could empathise with his situation.

“Paddy had such a big profile in Adelaide, and Adelaide being the No.1 team in town, it was all over the paper and the news, and you just wanted to tell the media to relax a little bit, let him go out and play footy, because it does get pretty tough,” Boak said, as he and Dangerfield made a special appearance at North Shore Football Club yesterday.

“I though he handled it extremely well, but you do feel for the boys that do go through it, and I certainly felt for Paddy during it.”

History tells us that Boak resisted the lure of returning home and will more than likely see out his career with the Power after signing a one-year contract extension late last year that will keep him at the Power until 2019.

During Dangerfield’s predicament was one of the rare times Boak cast his mind back to what he faced more than three years ago.

“Certainly at the time, it was a decision where I was up and down through the whole year,” he said.

“Once I made the decision, it was done and I went forward from there.

“I don’t really look back now at what could have been. (I’m ) certainly very happy where I am.

“Me and Paddy had different paths and different circumstances. I’m really happy with my decision, and just from seeing Paddy today, I can certainly tell he’s really happy with his decision.”

Dangerfield admits there will be some parts of playing for Adelaide he will miss, including playing in the Showdown meetings against the Power and Boak.

“I was just thinking about it the other day – how special those Showdowns are,” he said.

“I was flicking through some old memorabilia in the cupboard that I was cleaning up.

“They are special games. They’re sold out every year and, lucky enough, there’s two of them.

“There is a special feel about them and a special vibe, and I’ll certainly look back on the games with great memories.

“From the last game at Footy Park, when Port kicked four or five (goals) in the last quarter.

“I remember there was a stoppage and you beat me- which is not unusual – the ball was kicked forward and Chaddy Wingard kicked the goal.

“And we were lucky enough when Phil (Walsh) sadly passed away we played one of our best games for the year – for quite a few years – and we got over the line then.

“There’s so many special memories from those games.”

Boak joked he wasn’t unhappy to see Dangerfield in different coloured hoops.

“Did you win a couple of Showdown medals? Had a few 40 possession games and tore us apart,” he said.

“I don’t think the fans will miss him too much from those games, but they are special games.”

Dangerfield won’t have to wait too long to be involved in a rivalry with a similar intensity as Cats meet Hawthorn to open their season on Easter Monday.

“I don’t understand as well as the players who have been there a long period of time obviously do,” he said of the recent clashes with the Hawks.

“Similar to us when we first got to Adelaide, you don’t understand the rivalry because you haven’t lived it and breathed it.

“Once you’ve been in an environment for a longer period of time you start to understand the real rivalry and dislike for each other, which is what footy’s all about I think.

“I think footy loves the rivalries, whether it’s Port vs. Adelaide or it’s Torquay vs. Anglesea.”

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