CDFL salary cap boost

Updated: January 20, 2016
Forrest celebrates its 2012 premiership. Picture: KAREN PARKER

Forrest players celebrate its most recent premiership in 2012.

COLAC and District league clubs will be given salary cap relief following the withdrawal of Forrest from the competition.

The decision by the Lions to go into recess last week has resulted in AFL Barwon developing a revised 10-team draw, which means the remaining 10 clubs will play 18 games, up from the usual 16.


The new salary cap has been set at $78,000, an increase of $8,000.

Meanwhile Forrest players who have to find new footballing homes will have variations applied to their points allocation.

Those who move to another CDFL club and played at least five senior/reserve games at the Lions in 2015 will receive a two point deduction.

Players transferring to other leagues in the AFL Barwon region (GFL, BFL or GDFL) will receive a one point deduction if they played a minimum of five senior/reserve games at Forrest.

There will be no penalty point added for a move within the CDFL or if a player is transferring to their third club in 36 months.

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