Simonds turf works underway

Updated: February 18, 2016
Geelong - Simonds Turf Repair
Geelong - Simonds Turf Repair

Work to remove and replace damaged turf in Simonds Stadium is in full swing. Picture: AL PACKER

GEELONG chief Brian Cook says next Friday’s NAB Challenge clash with Collingwood will remain at Simonds Stadium despite work getting underway on replacing a 750mpatch of turf damaged in a deluge of rain last month.

The downpour on January 27 caused mud and clay from the Stage 4 redevelopment construction site to wash on to the western wing.

“The City (of Greater Geelong) have decided it needs a bit of repair work after the deluge, and that’s occurring at the moment,” Cook said.

“But it’s large quantities of deep grass that are going in, so that’ll be pretty safe and the game will go ahead as scheduled.”

A smaller section in the right-hand forward pocket at the Players Stand end of the ground is also being replaced as well as another patch of the wing.

Cook admits there were concerns the meeting with the Magpies, which the Cats are hoping to draw 15,000 to, wouldn’t go ahead in Geelong following the rain.

“The day after there was because the ground was under water,” he said.

“We had to get the AFL down to inspect it, they did, and they’ve given it the all-clear.

“But there was some concern for 24 hours.”

City of Greater Geelong will foot the bill for the works, which are expected to continue following next week’s match.

That will force the Cats into again using alternative venues for training, continuing a nomadic summer which has seen them use Elderslie Reserve, West Kardinia and Geelong Baseball Centre.

After Geelong’s clash with Collingwood the next games to be played on Simonds Stadium are scheduled for March 26 with the Geelong Falcons hosting North Ballarat Rebels to open their TAC Cup season and the Cats VFL side playing North Ballarat Roosters in a practice match.

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